Staying healthy and eating gluten free

November 8, 2016

As a mother of six active children, stuck right in the middle of my 40’s, eating healthy has become more and more important. In an effort to eat healthier, stay on a budget, and survive the busy lifestyle we have, I have spent a lot of time searching for new recipes that are healthy, quick, convenient, and cost effective.

I have learned that simple and fresh ingredients are the best for my budget and my kids. My family is trying to eat more fruits and vegetables so I incorporate them in every meal – except breakfast, I always forget. I have been surprised with how many vegetables my children will eat, especially if I keep the veggies cut up in the fridge. If the fruits and vegetables are handy, my children tend to snack on those more than the sugar treats – well, at least five of my children do. However, more important than simply providing healthy food now, I am trying to create good eating habits my children will take with them when they leave my home.

Watch for more quick, easy, and healthy recipes on our website, and look for some of your own. You may be surprised how much your family enjoys them. If you find any that are gluten free that you want to share, please send them our way!!

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